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911 Emergency Services Upgrade

Fishers Island Telephone, Chief Flatley of the Southold Police Department, and Michael Postel the communications director for 911 in Suffolk County have been working together these past 18 months to develop an improved 911 emergency services access. The current system connected through antiquated AT&T network equipment installed in the 90’s has experienced decades of connectivity issues on the route between Fishers Island and the Southold Public Service Answer Point (PSAP).  Making this state-of-the-art upgrade to the network will increase the number of available circuits from one (1) to twenty (20).  We don’t anticipate 20 simultaneous 911 calls but, we are now ready to accommodate more than one.  Finally, the new solution is to be implemented in July.  

The importance of having reliable 911 emergency services is paramount for our community.  

Please note that if you are calling 911 from a Cellular Phone, the call will be routed over the Cellular Network and not through the Fishers Island Telephone Network.  This upgrade applies only to your local telephone service.  

An additional Enhancement to 911 service is described below: 

There is a new program called SMART911 for residents to identify key information about members of your household that would help anyone you care for in the event of an emergency whether the call to 911 is from the home or any mobile phone. You can register information that enables first responders to have visual details on an emergency location and provides information on access points like hidden driveways or gate codes. You can also provide critical medical conditions of members of your household that may need special attention to prepare first responders before they arrive.  You can also add information such as your vehicles, pets, and service animals, along with any special notes that you would want responders to know.

Your Safety Profile is Free, Private, and Secure. There is also an App for mobile phones as well.

Check for more information and registration at or on the App

If there are any questions regarding these upgraded services, please contact the Telephone Office either via email ( or by calling 1 (631) 788-7001 x4.

Thank you for your support of the Fishers Island Telephone Company.

Steve Head
Telecom Superintendent
Fishers Island Telephone Company
1 (631) 788-7001 x4

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