Our constant goal at the Fishers Island Water Works Corporation is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. The Fishers Island Water Works Company and its employees are committed to ensuring that you and your family receive the highest quality water.

Water Sources

The source of water for the Fishers Island Water Works Corporation is groundwater pumped from two wells located in the Middle Farms area that are drilled into the Glacial aquifer beneath Fishers Island. A backup water supply to the wells is surface water from Barlow Pond and Middle Farms and Treasure Ponds utilized during dry weather periods.

Water Treatment

The Fishers Island Water Works Corporation provides treatment at all wells to improve the quality of the water pumped prior to distribution to residents. The pH of the pumped water is adjusted upward to reduce corrosive action between the water and water mains and in-house plumbing by the addition of soda ash. The water is also chlorinated with sodium hypochlorite to protect against the growth of bacteria in the distribution system. A polyphosphate AquaMag is added to the water for iron sequestering.

During July and August, we also supplement our water supply with surface water from Barlow, Middle Farms and Treasure Ponds. This water receives additional treatment that includes, chemical addition of aluminum sulfate for coagulation, sedimentation and sand filtering for the removal of solids.

Water Distribution

In addition to operating and maintaining the treatment plant, reservoirs, and wells FI Water Works Corporation maintains a distribution system containing approximately 22 miles of underground water piping. This distribution system is carefully maintained and tested to ensure the water coming out of your faucet is of the same high quality that leaves the treatment plant. This includes routinely flushing the system twice a year to remove sediment and keep the water clear.

Water Quality Monitoring

The Fishers Island Water Works Corporation routinely monitors for numerous parameters and contaminants in your drinking water as required by Federal and State laws. We test your drinking water for for coliform bacteria, turbidity, inorganic contaminants, lead and copper, nitrate, volatile organic contaminants, total trihalomethanes and synthetic organic contaminants.

It should be noted that many of these parameters are naturally found in all drinking water and do not pose any adverse health effects.

For more information on contamination and potential health risks, please contact the USEPA Safe Drinking Water Hotline: 1-800-426-4791.

Watershed Protection

A watershed is the area of land around a water source. Well-maintained watersheds are vital for a healthy water supply.  Rain and melting snow can carry sediments and other materials into lakes and streams that can contaminate water supplies. As policy, construction and development are limited near our primary water sources.

Fire Prevention

FI Water Works Corporation has 148 fire hydrants installed on Fishers Island and is responsible for maintaining, testing and flushing them but we routinely service hydrants and perform non-scheduled maintenance when we are notified that a hydrant needs attention.

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