The Fishers Island Utility Co. was formed in 1965 to furnish Fishers Island with vital Electric, Telephone and Water Service. The current Fishers Island Utility Company is a subsequent company of the Fishers Island Farms Utility Company founded in 1918.

The Fishers Island Utility Company (“FIUC”) holds substantial ownership interest in the three “operating” corporations (Electric, Telephone and Water) and provides management, office and payroll services to each as well as to the independent Fishers Island Development Corporation (“FIDCO).  The Electrical, Telephone and Water corporations and their rates are fully “regulated” as public utilities by the New York State Public Service Commission (“PSC”).  Rates charged to our customers on Fishers Island are approved in advance by the NYS PSC.  Periodically, these regulated “operating” entities apply to the NYS PSC for approval of proposed rates and rate changes.

The three regulated “operating” entities are owned as follows:
Fishers Island Electric Corporation: 51% FIUC; 49% FIDCO
Fishers Island Telephone Corporation: 51% FIUC; 49% FIDCO
Fishers Island Water Works Corporation: 40% FIUC; 60% FIDCO

In terms of percentage of ownership and number of shareholders, there is minor crossover ownership between the individual shareholders of FIUC and FIDCO.  FIUC and FIDCO are unrelated, independent companies.  Traditionally FIUC has contracted with and been compensated by FIDCO to provide management, office and payroll services to FIDCO.

Fishers Island has no local government, but is part of the Town of Southold in Suffolk County. There is a year round population of 265, and a peak summer population of approximately 3,000. The infrastructure used on a daily basis by 265 must also support a ”peak load” for two months of 3,000. The year round population supports the school, volunteer fire department, EMT’s, health services and many other critical functions for the Island, not to mention most of the services to the seasonal community.

Through our annual Telephone Directory and this website, our goal is to provide Fishers Island residents with vital information from day-to-day needs regarding electric power, telephone, internet and water — to emergency information and resources in an effort to make life on the island as happy and safe as possible. We are proud to work with residents to look for ways to improve our services and support and welcome your feedback.

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