EVERNET II High Speed Fiber To The Home

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Fishers Island Telephone is preparing to embark on an exciting new venture to upgrade our network called EVERNET II with Fiber To The Home. The survey below is the first step towards this effort.

Why Upgrade?

As you know, the Internet has become an essential service and the demand for faster speeds to support the growing number of devices is rising every year. Because the copper cable that is delivering your telephone and internet services today is approaching the end of its useful life, the Telephone company is preparing to launch a major construction project to upgrade the Island residents and businesses services with state-of-the-art high speed fiber optic cable to the premise.

What are we hoping to learn from this survey?

With the EVERNET II project, we are strategically searching for zones with the highest demand for service where we will plan to construct our fiber network first. We are looking to identify at least 50 first adopters to begin the construction of the multi-year Fiber To The Home (FTTH) network project. The information that is collected will aid us in determining where to commence the deployment of this new high speed fiber network.

What can you do to help?

By registering your address and agreeing on a product, you are expressing your interest in receiving Fishers Island Telephone EVERNET II FTTH Internet Services. It’s really that simple!

Once enough interest has been expressed in a specific area, we will consider expanding our service network in your neighborhood. There are many resources required to bring a fiber-optic network to a neighborhood and Fishers Island Telephone must target construction to follow the demand to be successful. With your help by being one of the First Adopters and having the data of others in your zone that are interested, Fishers Island Telephone can best focus our construction to deliver EVERNET II fiber to areas of the highest demand first.

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Thank you for your continued support of Fishers Island Telephone Corporation.