Evernet internet and calling


It’s Here!


Fast, hassle-free sharing & streaming across all your devices, plus exciting new calling options



1. What is Evernet?

It’s the island’s new high speed telecommunications system. The system includes:
a) A new microwave dish that links the island to the internet. The new dish has four times the capacity of our old dish. With the old dish, our internet usage during peak summer months exceeded the capacity and thus everyone’s speed was automatically “throttled” down. With the new microwave dish that won’t happen and everyone will be able to use the maximum speed they purchased at all times.
b) New fiber optic connectivity up and down the island which will move data much faster than the old copper lines
c) A new computer switch in our central office that will greatly speed up data transfer
All of the island’s phone and internet services now pass through the Evernet system.

2. Do I have to buy one of the new plans?

No. If you do nothing you’ll remain on your existing phone and internet plan.  Phone prices are unchanged but the internet service was increased by $5 per month – the first price increase since 2010.

3. What are my options?

 You can do nothing or you can elect to upgrade to one of the two new faster plans. When viewing the internet and downloading files, the Better plan is 2½ times faster than your existing plan and the Best plan is 12½ times faster. When uploading files, the Better plan is five times faster and the Best plan is 25 times faster.

4. How do I figure which plan is right for me?

If you are happy with the internet service you had last year, then do nothing. If, however, you want faster service then select:

The Better plan if you have multiple users and want faster service for browsing, e-mailing, and photo sharing

The Best plan if you have heavy internet use such as multiple computers downloading movies and photos or doing on-line gaming.

5. I understand that the connection from the fiber node to my house is still connected by copper. Does this copper connection slow down the speed I’ll receive?

 No. The Better and Best plans both require an enhanced VDSL modem. With these modems, copper lines can transmit at up to 100 Mbps for runs as long as 3,000 feet. The fastest service offered on Fishers Island is 25 Mbps and the runs from a fiber node to island homes do not exceed 3,000 feet for almost every house on the island.

6. If I don’t upgrade to a faster plan, can I get Caller ID and other features?

Yes. Caller ID and other features can be purchased ala carte. See your pricing guide for full details.

7. I have a business on the island. Are there special plans for businesses?

Yes. If you are operating a business on the island, contact the Telephone Company office for details on business plans.

8. Do I have to buy a twelve-month package or can I get an eight month?

The new Better and Best plans can be purchased for eight or twelve month periods.

9. Can I purchase a split plan so that I can have the faster speeds in the summer but lower speeds in the off-season?

Currently we cannot offer split plans but may offering them in the future.

10. What plan do I need to stream Netflix?

Both plans (Better and Best) should successfully stream Netflix or other video services.

11. Do I have to buy a new modem?

The Better or Best plan require a new VDSL modem. Modems are leased for $5.99 per month.

12. What Caller ID functions will work this summer?

This summer if you have a caller ID enabled phone and someone is calling you from the island you will see the caller’s name displayed (provided you have subscribed to the Caller ID service option). Likewise, when you call someone else on the island they will see your name displayed. The full Caller ID service enabling both on and off island calls is now active.