Using Telephone Features

Using Telephone Features


Call Waiting

Customer is alerted by a “beep” during a telephone conversation. Customer may either:

1 Hang up, and the waiting call will ring through,

2 Depress switchhook (telephone button) Quickly (one second) to receive the awaiting call, placing the first call on hold. To alternate between calls simple depress the switchhook as necessary.


Call Forwarding

1 Dial *72, listen for 3 beeps and a steady dial tone.

2 Dial telephone number to which calls will be forwarded, wait for confirmation tone, then hang up.

3 To cancel call forwarding Dial *73, wait for confirmation tones, then hang up.

To change the forwarding number, the initial number must be cancelled first.


Three-Way Calling

During initial conversation:

1 Depress switchook (button) and listen for 3 beeps and a steady dial ton.

2 Dial third party number.

3 After the third party answers, depress switchhook for a three way call.
If third party is busy or does not answer, depress switchhook twice to return to the initial call.


Do Not Disturb

1 Dial *78 then listen for three beeps and hang up.
Callers will receive a busy signal.

2 To cancel, dial *79 listen for three beeps and then hang up,
Phone returns to normal operation.


Speed Calling, Distinctive Ring and Toll Restriction

These features are all controlled from the Central Office in the Fishers Island Telephone Corporation. Customers who wish to try these features must contact the Telephone Office – (631) 788-7001 – during normal business hours.