Telephone Company re: email

October 1, 2018
Dear email users,
At 9:00 a.m. on Nov. 6th, 2018 your email account will be moved to a new host. You will not be able to access email during this time. It is your responsibility to backup before Nov. 6th your current emails, contacts and address books, if you wish to keep them. We can help with data migration for a fee, if desired, and by appointment only. So please call us first. Please understand that we cannot guarantee the retention of data thereof, nor will we be held responsible for the loss of data.
Contact us after the migration to get reconnected. You will receive a new password and instructions for setup at this time. The “ Webmail” link on the homepage will still be an option but with new login credentials.
Remember, your email address will stay the same.
Other Ways to Access Fishers Island Email Account
  1. Web Mail: Any computer, any browser; Go to, Log in
  2. Windows PC: Outlook 2010+
  3. Apple (all platforms): Outlook App; Spark
  4. Android: Outlook App
These are methods we have tested and recommend. You are on your own with any other client software or method.
Please contact our office with any questions.
Apologies in advance for any inconvenience.
Fishers Island Telephone Corp.
631-788-7001 option 4
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