Fishers Island Evernet2 Fiber

Fishers Island Telephone Company (FITC) has installed and migrated from copper to the new fiber, a group of first adopters in the Fishers Island Central Office (FICO) South Area; see map below. These subscribers are now experiencing significant improvement in their internet connections with speeds of up to 500Mb.  As we migrate these subscribers from their legacy copper connection to the Fiber, we are removing the aging copper cables to these initial subscribers. Once they are cut over to fiber, we are hearing from subscribers, “… the crackling noise is gone, and my calls are much clearer…”  We still have work to do in the area to enable those that have shown interest to jump onto the EverNet 2 Fiber links. Reliable high-speed internet and clear telephone are now available to interested customers located in the FICO South area. Sign up with your interest today at

The remaining 8 Fiber Serving Area’s (FSA) to be built are targeted to be completed in a coordinated build plan by the Spring of 2027.  For your information, below is a map of our FSA’s:

We are analyzing the next FSA to commence deploying the fiber infrastructure this fall.

Below are our Fiber bandwidth options being offered – all are 12-month service contracts only. 
Telephone service and Fishers Island Long Distance are separate products and are not included in the FTTH Product.

100 MBPS
250 MBPS 
500 MBPS 

If there are any questions, please email the Evernet team at

161 Oriental Ave
PO Box 604
Fishers Island, NY  06390
Office: 631-788-7001   Fax: 631-788-7999

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