Nuclear Plant Emergencies

Special Instructions for a Nuclear Plant Emergency

Watch or Listen to the Emergency Alert System (EAS) on your local TV or Radio Stations for emergency instructions.

If Advised to TAKE SHELTER

  • Keep family and pets indoors.
  • Close all windows, doors and fireplace dampers.
  • Turn off devices that draw outside air.

If Advised to EVACUATE

  • Lock up house, office, etc. Close all windows, doors and fireplace dampers or other devices that draw outside air.
  • Secure pets indoors with food and water. If pets are allowed to evacuate with the general public, they must be secured in a carrier or otherwise restrained for safety. See “Pet Emergency kit” under “What to Bring”.
  • Follow EAS instructions
  • Transportation will be provided from the docks to the Windham High School Reception Center.
  • Potassium Iodide (KI) will be provided by local Emergency Management Officials. KI will also be available at Windham High School.

What to Bring

(Only Necessities)

  • Medications
  • Cash/Credit Cards/Checkbook
  • Clothes
  • Toiletries/Baby Supplies
  • Pet Emergency Kit: leash, carrier, restraint, medical/veterinary records, ID tags attached to your pet, food, water, litter and litter box, toys and a current photo of you and your pet.
If You Have Special Needs
handicap_74iconIf you or someone you know has special needs, including physical or transportation needs, please register annually with the Fishers Island Emergency Management Offfice at 631-765-2600. Information will be kept confidential.