Nuclear Plant Emergencies

Special Instructions for a Nuclear Plant Emergency

Watch or Listen to the Emergency Alert System (EAS) on your local TV or Radio Stations for emergency instructions.

If Advised to TAKE SHELTER

  • Keep family and pets indoors.
  • Close all windows, doors and fireplace dampers.
  • Turn off devices that draw outside air.

If Advised to EVACUATE

  • Lock up house, office, etc. Close all windows, doors and fireplace dampers or other devices that draw outside air.
  • Secure pets indoors with food and water. If pets are allowed to evacuate with the general public, they must be secured in a carrier or otherwise restrained for safety. See “Pet Emergency kit” under “What to Bring”.
  • Follow EAS instructions
  • Transportation will be provided from the docks to the Windham High School Reception Center.
  • Potassium Iodide (KI) will be provided by local Emergency Management Officials. KI will also be available at Windham High School.  DO NOT give KI to your pets.  Consult your vet for proper dosing.

What to Bring

(Only Necessities)

  • Medications
  • Cash/Credit Cards/Checkbook
  • Clothes
  • Toiletries/Baby Supplies
  • Pet Emergency Kit: leash, carrier, restraint, medical/veterinary records, ID tags attached to your pet, food, water, litter and litter box, toys and a current photo of you and your pet.
If You Have Functional Needs
handicap_74iconIf you or someone you know has special needs, including physical or transportation needs, please register annually with the Fishers Island Emergency Management Office at 631-765-2600. Information will be kept confidential.