Electric Rates & Charges

Electric Rates & Charges

Your contract is on a non-transferable annual basis. Federal and State Taxes are billed where applicable. Our rate schedule is listed below and can also be found on the last page of your monthly utility bill. If you have any questions, contact the F.I. Utility Co. office.

Basic Minimum Charge

Covers maintenance of electric lines, meters and other costs. This charge will be billed whether or not you use any energy.

Fuel Adjustment

A charge that reflects changes in the actual cost of fuel purchased by the utility.

Residential Electric Rates

Class 1
Minimum Charge $10.60
First 1,000 KWH $0.1790
Over 1,000 KWH $0.2067

Class 2
Minimum Charge $32.37
All KWH $0.3237

Class 7
Minimum Charge $23.12
All KWH $0.2255

Commercial Electric Rates

Class 5
Minimum Charge $15.90
Demand Charge (per KWH) $11.17
Energy Charge (per KWH) $0.1696

Electric Tariffs

Full rate tariff for Fishers Island Electric Corporation can be found at:

Electric Tariff

Solar Economics

Fishers Island Electric Corporation (“FIEC”)* has recently made a filing with the New York Public Service Commission (the “PSC”) as required to allow FIEC to interconnect with the island’s electricity distribution network a rooftop solar facility proposed by the Fishers Island Community Center (“FICC”) and another solar facility already built by Mr. Brad Burnham.

The filing with the PSC accommodates the two solar facilities while FIEC develops a more sustainable rate structure.

Solar Economics Press Release
KWH (Kilowatthour)

A KWH equals
1,000 watt-hours
of electricity use.

One KWH equals the energy needed to run a 100 watt light bulb for 10 hours.