Water Frequently Asked Questions

Fire Hydrant Flushing Questions
Why is my water pressure low ?

Your water pressure may be low due to the flushing of fire hydrants, which lowers the water pressure in the area that is being tested. This issue will be rectified once flushing is completed.

Why is my water discolored ?

Water discoloration or turbid water is caused by the stirring of sedimentation in the water main when hydrants are flushed.

What should I do about the discolored water ?

Run all faucets within your home for approximately 15 minutes or until water clears.

If water is discolored, is it safe for consumption ?

The discoloration when hydrants are flushed is caused by harmless mineral deposits which settle in the water main and are stirred during the flushing activity. The water is harmless due to the amount of chlorine that is flushed through the lines.

Is it OK to wash laundry when water is discolored ?

No. Please run all water inside the home for approximately 15 minutes or until water clears. You should check water clarity by capturing a sample from the washing machine in a clear glass or container. If water is cloudy or discolored, please do not wash laundry.