Fire Hydrant Flushing 2022

Fishers Island Water Works will begin flushing the water mains on

Monday, April 4th. Flushing is scheduled to conclude Friday May 27th

All Fishers Island Water Works customers should expect discoloration temporarily after flushing near or upstream the service tap. At various times during the cleaning, the water will become discolored due to the disturbance of naturally occurring minerals that have settled in the water mains. The water is safe to drink. However, because of discoloration, we advise customers to store tap water in the refrigerator for drinking and cooking until the water clears up. Residents should also check the condition of the water prior to washing clothes and if it is discolored, delay doing laundry until the water is clear.

Flushing will occur between 9A.M – 12P.M Monday through Friday


April 4th – April 8 th

East Main Road to Lower Shingle Hill (West of surface water plant)

April 11th – April 15th

Old Mallory Road

Isabella Beach Road

Brickyard Road


April 18 th – April 22nd

Wilderness Point


Montauk Avenue

Hay Harbor Club Area

Alpine Avenue

Shingle Hill

April 25 th – April 29 th

North Hill

Walsh Park

Munnatawket Ave

Hawks Nest Point


May 2 nd – May 6 th

                   Equestrian Avenue

Winthrop Avenue

Fort Stretch

FI Ferry

May 9 th – May 13 th

East main to club

May 16 th – May 20 th

Cedar Ridge

Clay Point

May 23rd– May 27 th

Camp Run- A -Muck


East Point